Looking for unique sweet treats to celebrate the most romantic day of the year? The only acceptable way to do Valentine's Day is by making it affordable and having an excuse to go for a Trader Joe's haul. Following this list, your whole pantry will be full of pink snacks, red treats, and heart-shaped candies that are sure to get you (and maybe a partner) in the mood for a lovely holiday. 

Whether you’re planning on making an extravagant charcuterie board for friends, having a romantic night in by yourself, or spending the holiday with a special someone, Trader Joe’s has something for everyone this Feb. 14. Luckily, most of these products are already available in stores. Stores across the nation are slowly stocking these highly sought after seasonal items and are known to quickly sell out by popular demand! Make sure to snag a quick gift for your partner (or anyone you love, frankly) before they disappear off the shelves. It’s difficult to resist these sweet treats — shop to your heart's desire!

Italian Artisan Heart Shaped Pasta

This adorable new pasta shape is perfect for any romantic occasion, being the perfect item for lovers without a sweet tooth who want to participate in the holiday fun, too. This $3.99 find is brand new to Trader Joe’s, joining the usual seasonal collection of Valentine’s themed goodies, a perfect pairing with Trader Joe’s Cacio E Pepe Sauce.

Dark Chocolate Mini Heart Cookies

The Mini Heart cookies, which retail for $3.29 in stores, are shortbread cookies with a rich dark chocolate outside. They’re covered in adorable red and white sprinkles, a lovely addition to a charcuterie board or as a sweet snack.

Jelly Bean Hearts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to always be about chocolate; these tiny heart-shaped jelly beans are the perfect alternative for gummy lovers when everyone else seems to be buying truffles for their beau. They come in cute tiny packs and are currently available in store for $0.99 a pack.

Belgian Chocolate Hearts 

Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! The Belgian Chocolate Hearts are mini bonbons loaded with a creamy praline filling, similar to hazelnut. This item is a good, affordable alternative to fancier bonbons: one pack retails for $1.49 in store.

Gummy Xs & Os

Hugs and kisses: Trader Joe’s outdid themselves with these clever gummies, a cute addition to any charcuterie in need of edible decorations. The soft fruit gummy candy is gluten-free and one pack is sold for $2.99.

Pinks and Whites Shortbread Cookies 

Reminiscent of frosting covered animal crackers, the flower-shaped cookies feature a shortbread base covered in a yogurt frosting and festive sprinkles. This goodie would be delightful in a morning coffee! Each box is priced at $2.99.

Heart Shaped Macarons

This heart-shaped delicacy is highly sought after, being a usual member of Trader Joe’s’ Valentine’s seasonal collection. The packs come in vanilla and strawberry flavors, an adorable off-white and pink dessert that makes any meal seem fancier. One pack goes for $4.99.

Raspberry Mousse Cakes

 These cute little cakes come in packs of six bite-size portions and are sure to make your loved one swoon. Glazed in a lovely baby pink frosting with a green leaf, they’re irresistible. One pack retails for $3.49.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Labeled as “For The Love of Chocolate Mousse Cake,” this item is a decadent two layered chocolate mini cake, covered in dark chocolate ganache and topped with a delicate pink heart and green vine. This item is sure to make anybody feel special, even if it’s just yourself, going for $5.99.

 Chocolate Liqueur Cherries

Packed with 33 boozy cherries, this might be the best gift you can purchase at the modest price of $6.99. You must be 21+ to purchase this golden, gorgeous box of chocolates, which are rich and flavorful.

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Strawberries 

Speaking of chocolate-covered fruits, you can’t go wrong with the classic frozen strawberries to spice up a romantic night. These adorable bite-size bits of the beloved red fruit goes for $2.29 and are available year-round, so feel free to fall in love!

Frozen Mini Cakes

The Frozen Mini Cake pack, labeled “A Dozen Sweet Bites”, comes with 12 mini cakes in 3 different flavors: Chocolate & Coffee Cake, Raspberry Cake, and a Caramel & Chocolate Cake. They’re sold for $5.99 in stores and are a sweet alternative to boring chocolate truffles.

Pink Sparkling Berry Lemonade

While this product is available year round, it’s hard to not pin a strawberry-themed goodie as perfect for any Valentine’s celebration. The pink deliciousness of the seltzer is a cute substitute for alcoholic beverages and is sure to satisfy a sweet tooth. 

Cocoa Truffles

It’s hard to go wrong with timeless classics. These cocoa truffles are a new product at Trader Joe’s and must be here to stay with an affordable retail price of $2.99 for a pack of 32 truffles.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Frosting 

These pink, chocolate cupcakes are a gorgeous addition to any Valentine’s feast and are certified gluten-free. They are sold in packs of 4 for $3.99.