Are you planning a trip to Disneyland anytime soon? If so, you won't want to miss these six must-try Disneyland foods that'll make sure your stomach leaves the happiest place on Earth just as happy in your next visit to Disneyland Park!

1) Ronto-less Garden Wrap (Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge)

The Ronto-less Garden Wrap consists of a meatless sausage, kimchi slaw, gochujang spread, and pickled cucumbers. I was caught off-guard by the Korean influences in this dish. However, the slight kick from the gochujang spread and the refreshing taste from the Kimchi slaw shined through! This wrap was , without a doubt, my favorite food item on my trip to Disneyland.

2) Churro (Churro Cart)

Disneyland churros can be found in churro carts scattered all over the park. I purchased my churro from the cart near Space Mountain, and it was the perfect sugary fix I needed while waiting in line for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride. However, be warned—even the slightest shake of the churro will trigger an avalanche of sugar to rain down from the sweet snack. You can’t go wrong with any of Disney’s churros, so consider trying out the seasonal flavors that Disney offers, like the peppermint or strawberry churros!

3) Dole Whip (Tiki Juice Bar)

With an incredibly creamy pineapple soft serve swirl, the classic Dole Whip never disappoints! Even though it was a cold day when I went to Disneyland, the Dole Whip was perfectly refreshing after walking around so much. The Dole Whip has a strong pineapple flavor that will definitely keep you energized for the rest of the day.

4) Beignets (Mint Julep Bar)

The beignets felt more like powdered sugar with a side of beignets. Nevertheless, these deep-fried treats were still incredibly soft and fluffy and had the melt-in-your-mouth consistency I was looking for. Disneyland has been selling beignets in heart shapes for Valentine's Day. While they missed the mark in terms of the actual shape, the beignets definitely weren't lacking in terms of flavor. Just be forewarned, powdered sugar gets everywhere when you eat these beignets.

5) Corn Dog (Little Red Wagon)

The corn dog was made fresh and warm, and it had the perfect balance between the crunchy exterior of the batter and the juiciness of the sausage. The corn dog itself was on the larger side, but that could be mostly attributed to the thickness of the batter. Overall, it’s a standard amusement park treat that hits the spot for any corn dog craving.

Disneyland's food stands out among most mediocre amusement park foods, with the park offering its fair share of delicious meals. Hopefully, this food guide will help you find the best tasting and best value Disneyland foods!